What is TTCN-3?

TTCN-3 is abbreviation for the Testing and Test Control Notation Language Version 3. TTCN-3  is modern, powerful test language that supports any kind of black box testing. TTCN-3 is maintained and developed by European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

ETSI is a non-profit organization that produces globally applicable standards for Information & Communications Technologies including fixed, mobile, radio, broadcast, internet, aeronautical and other areas.

TTCN-3 is being maintained and developed in ETSI’s Methods for Testing and Specification Technical Committee (TC MTS) that includes different parties from heavy TTCN-3 users to test tool vendors.

TTCN-3 generic framework looks like this:

TTCN-3 Generic Framework

TTCN-3 is the only standardized testing language that is used so widespread and has such a strong support behind it. It is like any other typical high-level programming language, yet contains more specially designed constructs to ease the testing experience for TTCN-3 users. It is different as it has

  • Support for timers
  • Rich type system including native list types and support for sub-typing
  • Clear semantics – well defined handling of port and timeout queues during their access
  • Various presentation formats (textual, graphical)
  • Synchronized with ASN.1
  • Test verdict mechanism
  • Built in matching mechanisms
  • etc

Where to use TTCN-3?

The generic areas where TTCN-3 is used are:

  • Component, integration and system testing
  • Protocol and service testing
  • Testing of embedded, communication-based, and distributed systems

TTCN-3 was initially deployed only in the telecommunication area, yet recent developments have shown trends that the testing language usage is spreading and reaching also to other domains.  It has been chosen as official testing language in number of large projects in mobile communications, broadband technologies, internet protocols, smart-cards and automotive. Some to be mentioned: LTE, WIMAX, 3G, IPv6, SIP, IMS, AUTOSAR, MOST etc.

More information about TTCN-3

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